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What band should I book?

Depending on how many guests are attending your event, how large your venue is, and the type of band you are looking for, we have a custom solution for you!

This ten-piece ensemble plays existing contemporary-mainstream jazz. While smaller than a traditional big band, the experience is similar, from the remarkable energy and wall-to-wall sound to the awesome charts.

If you want a smaller jazz combo for events such as corporate gatherings or in-home parties.

Rick plays Trumpet and Flugelhorn, conducts USO, and plays the solos in front of the band. If you like Basie, Sinatra, Ella Fitzgerald, and Jack Jones, this is band for you. The arrangements are exquisite, and Rick is adding tunes each and every year!

Perfect for any medium to large sized event, especially if you would like a vocalist, swing music, and easy listening for your guests! 

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