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At Rick Holland Productions, the educational component is a very important musical activity, that he and all his fellow musicians pursue. Rick has 40 years of experience teaching and performing in Public Schools and Colleges. Rick Holland offers private lessons and clinics for musicians of all ages and experience levels. 


Rick has a method, where he can teach improvisation to any level. It’s based on his methodology from teachers, Charlie Banacos, Larry Novak, Jerry Bregonzi and John McNiel.


Rick Holland has been such an asset to our program!  Teaching beginners to high school trumpet players to advanced improvisation on any instrument, each of his students has demonstrated a marked improvement in their skills and passion for their music! He's consistent and prepared and endlessly giving!  

Greg Wells, Director of Bands, Northview High School 

Rick currently teaches at:

  • Maple Valley Public Schools

  • Marshall Public Schools

  • Northview Public Schools

  • Northview Middle Schools

  • Portland Public Schools

Rick has also taught clinics at:

  • Muskegon High School (Jim Lawrence)

  • Northview Public Schools (Max Colley)

  • Grand Rapids Eastern (Glenn Williams)

  • Portage Northern High School

  • Portage Central (Patrick Flynn)

  • Hart Public (Tom Kirk, John Taranko)

  • Galeburg Augusta (Jan Edgerton)

  • Mattawan HS (David Hook)

  • Angling Road Elementary School (Darlene Sang)

  • Grand Valley State University (Fred Hersch)

  • Kalamazoo College (Doug Talley)

  • Western Michigan University (Hendrik Meurkens, Franck Amsallem)

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