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Clinics are available for any size jazz ensemble. This includes an in-school presentation, followed by an evening concert. Please contact us today with more information about your educational program and goals. 

Available Ensembles:

  • Rick Holland Little Big Band

  • Rick Holland Quartet

  • Uptown Swing Orchestra

I have received many compliments from school principals, teachers and students and the like on the balance of your program and how the students enjoyed the musical performance. As you could tell by the applause and the respectful attitude of your audience of 1400 members, the quality of your performance was professional and highly entertaining. It proves when you put superior performers in front of an audience, fine behavior and educational goals are met and rewarded! Thanks again on a fine concert performance.

Richard Hintz, Fine Arts Consultant, Kalamazoo Public Schools

clinic concert.jpg

Topics that Rick can teach:



  • Rehearsing the Big Band (Knowing the roles of the Rhythm Section)

  • Trumpet, Trombone and Saxophone points on Style and Articulation

  • A Jazz History Component—an overview of the History of Jazz

  • Jazz Improvisation—Where do I start? How do I teach?



  • Trumpet Pedagogy for 4th through 8th Grade

  • High School Curriculum

  • Preparing for College

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